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This new section aims to help those students of the English language who are fed up with those boring ways of learning based on voluminous grammar books and publications of the like.

I will try to rewrite them in a no-so-formal-way-of-telling-someone-that-that-part-of-the-English-language-is-for-this-and-for-that. Maybe I will make some mistakes; I think I will for sure. Do not punish or punch me if I do, but look up the right form in a good dictionary or grammar book.

¿Reasons? A good one would be that I like teaching; and the best one: I am involved in the E-Learning world; nowadays teaching and learning are changing their ways to get their tasks, mainly to free time and locations. No everyone is in their 18s to take up a new degree. Many people around the whole world are thirty, forty, fifty… “etcsome” years old, and obviously they normally have no time to spend at a university. So, the only way left to study is at a distance, and one of the best way to do that is through Internet, that is to say, E-Learning.

So, welcome everyone to this brand new section. Every now and then I will post some words on it. Enjoy it!